Who We Are?

The Department of Community Health Sciences at Peshawar Medical College was established in 2005, with a vision that diverges somewhat from its conventional role that is traditionally accepted and applied in various medical colleges around Pakistan. The department strives to combine theory with practice by adopting a three pronged approach: Education, Research and Community Service through development projects.

Our Mission

Provide enabling environment for creativity and innovation where the undergraduates can become lifelong learners and find out evidence based solutions for existing health issues through creativity and research to improve the physical, mental, spiritual, social and economic wellbeing of the communities.

Our Vision

Produce physicians with competence to provide holistic health care based on equity and justice in line with the religious, social and cultural norms of the society.

Our Values

While there are many values that we cherish, our department particularly focuses on producing behavior that speaks of professionalism with Islamic ethical values. Our daily decision making shall be consultative and participatory, and we will extend this decision making to the students where feasible. We shall strive to create an environment of responsibility, honesty and integrity. We value candor and openness in our work environment because we believe that candor increases trust and eliminates red-tape behavior. Above all, we consider ourselves a learning organization, which builds on its experience and is constantly improving itself.

Our Goals

    In pursuit of its mission, the Department of Community Health Sciences has defined specific goals:
  • Providing a community oriented education to our students in the science of community medicine covering not only curricular requirements of PM&DC but also exposing our students to the broader arena of public health.
  • Developing a fair mechanism for evaluating the students and the faculty, that helps us in identifying our weaknesses and improving upon them.
  • Supervising public health related projects of 4th year students that focus on practical issues of immediate local or national importance.
  • Faculty development through involvement of faculty members of the department, in post-graduate research and educational activities.
  • Conduct at least one major community service activity every year in Peshawar. This activity must address some local public health issue.
  • Actively seek and build collaborations with external organizations in the form of projects, trainings, workshops and research.
  • Developing mechanisms that will help the department become a prime source of up-to-date public health information and guidance, and will allow easy sharing of knowledge among college faculty, students and other interested parties. This may include developing web based resources, quarterly public health seminars, and actively providing guidance in case of public health emergencies.
  • Creating mechanisms for improving communication skills and promoting use of information technology among faculty and students.

Our Faculty


Dr. Muhammad Aman Khan (Reg No. 1706-N)

Associate Professor

Dr. Saeed Anwar (Reg No. 1960-N)

Dr. Farhat R. Malik (Reg No. 7155-N)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Faqir Muhammad Anwar (Reg No. 1282-N)


Dr. Syed Iftikhar Hussain (Reg No. 760-N)

Dr. Muhammad Akbar (Reg No. 1414-N)

Dr. Muhammad Sharif (Reg No. 7377-P)

Dr. Khadija Nowaira (Reg No. 7459-N)

Dr. Junaid Zarif (Reg No. 27437-N)